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I feel ugly and depressed .

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    I feel so ugly that I don’t know if people stare at me because I’m ugly or attractive it bothers me . I do have a boyfriend but I feel my loved ones tell me I’m good looking to not make me feel bad I do work in a fast food place and deal with people every day is mostly customers that make me feel that way . Because of the way they stare at me .I just want to be confident if I’m ugly I just want to accept it . Is like I don't know how I really look if like I’m Mirrors or pics or videos that thought makes me feel worst .
    hey there Star

    I hear you are struggling with your self-confidence right now. Don't worry this is something we all struggle with from time to time. Beauty really is subjective. None of us have the exact same view of what beauty is. So much of it in my opinion comes from inside and your personality. If you have a partner and family that love you and see your worth then you should see that and it should reflect on you. What do the customers do to make you feel that way, if you don't care about them then their opinions should not matter to you. Try to start saying positive things to yourself instead of putting yourself down and see how your opinion of yourself changes. You are beautiful and i'm sure everyone can see that.

    Sending positivity your way,



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