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do you ever feel your body is not good enough

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    i feel that all the time i always call myself fat and chubby. what do you guys think about yourselves let me know
    Hi there. Sorry to hear that you feel this way about yourself. I think that society is hard these days, especially when it comes to beauty standards. We are surrounded by so many images telling us what we should look like and what is, and isn't ‘ugly', but we all have beauty and importantly, value. These standards are largely driven by the media and advertising which as I'm sure you know, sells mostly unattainable images of attractiveness. For example, one thing I really don't like about myself is my nose. I avoid having side-profile pictures where you can see it because I think it's too big!

    I know that it's easy to get drawn into feeling so low about this. To help with this problem, I we would encourage you to remind yourself about all of your great qualities and to work on building your self-esteem. It takes work, but is definitely worth it. Maybe start by writing down 3 things you like about yourself?

    Here are some links from us which you may find useful:

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    Hope this helps

    - Monsoon


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