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    Tell others like me how u came out to ur family and how can u help other people get through it if their family or friends don't agree and are homophobic
    Hey there!

    Thanks for coming to Community for advice - we're here to help you with this

    I firstly came out to internet friends who were people I didn't know in person, then to my close friends, and I finally told my mum via text message. I was too scared to tell her in person! My dad used to say homophobic things, so this made me scared to come out to him. However, I realised that this was just due to his upbringing and that they weren't his actual views. I guess he just felt like he had to think that way. Now he is very accepting

    When coming out to homophobic parents, it is important to expect that they will probably have a negative reaction. Give them time to come around to the idea and answer any questions they might have (as long as you are comfortable with this). It's a sensible idea to have support around you from friends, other family members and maybe teachers if you're still in school. You can also help others who are experiencing this by just being there for them to talk to.

    You might find this guide useful:

    Also, can I ask if you are planning on coming out to your homophobic parents?

    Hope this helps - looking forward to hearing back from you!



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