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some dude talked to me

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    yall probs like wtf who cares, well this dude popular and dont worry dudes i dont have a crush on him or nothing im just really no popular and nobody talks to me but i dont blame them tbh. anyway im just sittin here not doin nothing and he comes up to me and asks me how to do something on the computer,sadly i didnt have the answer i just kinda chatted with him like dude idfk i didnt do shit and bro he was os calm while talking to me and im just not used to that and there were like 20 other people in this class and he decided to ask me. im really not sure if i kinda made my point clear and im too lazy to read back over this shit so like yeah im an outcast and some dude talked to me like i was a normal person ad this kinda sounds like im a victim?? sorry bout that dont worry my life chill everything fine just wanted to word it like that uhhh thats pretty much it idk if thats a brag but its wutever
    Atreus??? Hey, I'm really glad this happened as it shows that we aren't always viewed as we think other people see us.


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