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    I haven't been very active here recently but that's because my life has taken an interesting turn for the best!
    I started a fan-account on my favorite band, which is doing very well;
    I came out, in addition to my best friend, to another person as well (which was made easier by a necklace, LGBTQ themed, which I ordered online) and am about to come out to another friend;
    I finally went to see a therapist and she helped me a lot. I also want to see a psychologist to finally get an official diagnosis so my parents finally believe that I'm not mentally okay (I'm seeing a family counselor atm, since my family-care doctor/healthcare system though that she is the same thing as a psychologist);
    My scoliosis is getting better by the day;
    I started depending less and less on what others think (especially my mom);
    I took down in weight;
    I finally left my chess class since with everything it was becoming too much and so I decided to give it up;
    I finally had the courage to dye my hair.
    I also did two things I'd never think I would: I am planning to go to art school even though I have never been good at it (since I already go to photography classes there, I thought next year I could also learn composition and drawing).
    I was also thinking about taking singing classes at my music school, and I started recording myself singing.
    Overall, I just wanted to share the fact that it can be okay in the end. It will get better eventually. Half a year to a year ago I was a depressed, suicidal individual with bad hygiene, memory. Now I'm confident, healthy, and most important of all - I have finally found ways to be happy.
    So, I finally did it! I finally exited the never-ending tunnel and ended up in a world of colors. Some are still black but even the best of us have a little black inside ourselves.
    Hey Mammu

    It's great to hear from you again. Thank you so much for sharing your story - I hope that other people here can take inspiration from you

    What do you think helped you to get to this wonderful point?


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