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    I've lost one of my friends to online drama, this had escalated over the last two years.
    We got into an argument last year and they haven't spoken to me since.

    Around 2 years ago they started pouring a lot of energy into this online person YouTube that I dont really understand.

    September last year they went to some sort of anime convention, organised with his followers and it didn't go well as only around 10 showed up.

    We tried being supportive, but now it seems a little obsessive, the people he has met seem nice, but it's become more and more socially isolating in the real world.

    Originally we were told it was purely a business, but it seems more and more it's an unhealthy social outlet.

    Now both I and his other friends feel abandoned.

    Hello Dan,
    It is certainly a challenge to stand by and watch our friends make choices which we believe are questionable or unhealthy. We can't control people, however, and sometimes they have to learn these lessons for themselves. All you can do is let them know your thoughts on it and that you have concerns.

    It may be that he will work out how unhealthy it is for him and will come back to you one day.



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