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Insta lie : the golden you

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    In the video, we can see a woman take a selfie with his boyfriend. The boyfriend watches the TV and refuses to take another pictures. So the woman goes to her room sadly and posts the picture on a social network. She writes below the picture a comment like, “great evening with my boyfriend”. Obviously, it’s a lie because the woman is sad and she probably won’t have a good evening with her boyfriend. I like this lie and he caught my attention because the woman posted on the network, a second of her happy life captured by her phone, her subscribers imagine that she had a great movie night. But we can say that it’s not the woman who passed a great night, it’s her fake her, her golden her. Sometimes, the peer pressure and society push people to falsify their life, their appearances and disclose fake information to appear more “perfect”. But sometimes, it’s better to keep some information private and ignore people’s views, and not always wanting to show a good self-image that is not real.
    Hey. You've made such a good point. At the same time, I think it's important to share when things don't go so well e.g. I've seen some friends post about mental health struggles on social media which can be uplifting and empowering for others.


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