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When you best friend gets a boyfriend

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    Hi, I don't know where to start but are just gonna let it out.. My best friend recently met someone and now she seems to be spending all her available time with him, at the moment it actually feels like she is choosing him over me.. We ised to spend a lot of time together, but the past few weeks I have barely seen her or spoke to her. It feels like she is choosing him over me, as if I am worth nothing to her now.. Even though some where deep inside I know this is not true, my head space is filled with arguments with her even though we don't even speak to each other at the moment.. How do I get this out of my mind amd adapt to the chapter, the one where I am less important than I used to be...?
    Hello Stel

    Thanks for coming to us about this. I'm one of the digital mentors at Ditch the Label and I'm here to give advice and support to those who reach out to us.

    I can see why this is difficult for you. When someone we are so close to starts hanging around with someone else, we can easily and understandably become emotional about it. Other people who have gone through something similar have said that they felt jealous and rejected. Do you think that you might be feeling similar things?

    Also, although it can be easy to tell ourself that we mean nothing to the person now, maybe try to remember that when someone new comes along, there will naturally be more attention on them which is normal for a new friendship/relationship, and as time goes on, the person can then hang out with them less. What do you think?


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