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>>>Have You Come Out as Trans/Non-Binary/Gender Fluid? SHARE HERE!>>>

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    It's so important to have references of other's people's experiences with speaking to people about gender. Many of us wonder about how to bring up the topic, and fear how it might affect their lives. This is where you come in. We would love for your to share your experience(s) so we can gain knowledge for ourselves... and to know we're not alone.

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    - And always remember to be respectful and empathetic toward people's experiences
    I came out to both my parents seperatly about me being Non-binary.

    I don't really remember how it all came along because it was during or shortly after the divorce.
    ​​​​​​My mom, without being irrespectful doesn't really understand.
    My dad on the other hand uses both genders when talking to me and the first time he called me miss (he opened the door and said "ladies first") I felt really happy because I knew he understood!


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