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i'm bac tho VENT (btw)

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    me mum was like "if u stop dressing like a boy, i'll get u a lizard" and i was like bitch no u won't tho like u broke then she handed me her card and said there was six thousand dollars on there and i was like dude some these things like five hundred dollars like wtf? but the think is after i told her that was very mean of her to try to "change me" i ended up declining the offer but srsly she made me so mad saying that like the heck bro any of y'all got similar stuff goin down? anyway idk if i'm a guy or not but honestly i don't really care rn i just want my mum to stop being a bitch like tf
    Hello Atreus???

    Your identity is not made up by your Moms understanding of it so I know it so super frustrating to have to explain this to her but if she is bribing you to change the way you dress, she is probably not in a positive place to meet you where you are at and you can set up your own boundaries there. So well done for declining the offer. Insulting her probably isn't going to be the best way to help but maybe just find a more positive person in your life to discuss this with.



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