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meeting an old family friend

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    yes i'm back for round three, this is about meeting this guy who has been my brothers best friend for years until he started doing drugs and how he possibly stole my brothers laptop but i don't believe these stories cuz he a good kid and he the best like legit y'all should meet him and if he was a drug addict he ain't anymore, anyway me and the fam were walking around the mall and we randomly see him and start waving and he says hi to everyone except me, tho he does look at me a couple times, (btw i look completely different, like a whole different t gender dudes) and he's like where's the other one (me)? and i be sitting here fucking dying and questioning my whole existence broski idk and me mum like oh SHES right here, and then she gestured towards this me who was barely out of his view and he was like oh sorry i didn't see u, u were hiding from me and in my head i'm like bitch no i wasn't u just didn't recognize cuz i look so fucking awesome now admit it u bitch ass hoe (jk i could never hate him he is like so fucking cool and i'm the only one that still believes his innocent for many reasons like i will be this dudes lawyer if he ever taken to court and he don't even like me that much but i don't give a shit... ok i refuse to proof read this cuz it late here so like sorry for misspellings and heck not that i think about it, does the stuff u even posted count as a gender post like yeah it mentions it but it's mostly about ppl lookin at me like i'm a guy so apologies if you were looking for some possibly trans kid going thru a crisis i mean i'm chill broski sand uhhh bye (i'll post more gender related stuff tomorrow hopefully)
    Atreus??? I completely take on board that meeting up with people after or during transitioning is a minefield to navigate, bit it did kinda sound like he just didn't recognise you, especially as he then spoke to you. It doesn't sound like he was trying to be rude intentionally.


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