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Doing a presentation and one of the slides is called "transgender"

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    So, as you read from the title I'm doing a presentation for about 2nd or 3rd graders and the subject is "LGBT". Since I am a lesbian myself and not trans, then I don't know a lot about trans people. So what I'm asking is maybe you wonderful trans people could share your experiences and your thoughts about being trans. (maybe like how you discovered, that you were trans or maybe coming out to your parents, mental health and so on). I'd like to get the facts right and I thought that real people are a bit more trustworthy than Google.

    If you really don't care, why I'm doing that type of a presentation for young kids, then you can stop here but I'd like to share the idea so that maybe somebody else can do the same. So, I discovered I was a lesbian in about 5th grade. I was extremely confused about it because I knew NOTHING about the LGBT community. The only thing I've heard was about a trans person in our school in the second grade. Then I discovered this place and then I wasn't confused anymore. But what would've happened, if I didn't find this place? I knew nothing about LGBT and even with the knowledge of who I am, my mental health is still not that great. By doing a presentation about LGBT I am hoping to come out to my teachers and my class and also do something I wish people did when I was that old. I wish somebody told me about LGBT when I was younger. By doing this and risking the fact, that I'd get rejected I am hoping to bring awareness in the "younger generation" (I'm 14 and just finished the 7th grade), so that maybe they'd be more aware of it and then maybe people wouldn't be so stressed about coming out and being open.
    Thanking you awesome trans people forward already and be strong, okay?
    Hey Mammu. It's great to hear from you again . Your presentation sounds like it will be really interesting - good luck with it. I hope our trans members are able to share their experiences with you. I'm sorry to hear that your mental health isn't great at the moment. Would you like to talk about this?

    - Monsoon


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