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How do I become more chilled and not stress/care about every little thing?

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    I just want to be a laid back person, easy going and chilled because I am very anxious and care way too much about little things
    Hello Chloe,
    Welcome to the community.

    I'm Remi, one of the support mentors on here. Hi!

    I think there are definitely tactics and tools that you can use to chill yourself out a bit, and make you more relaxed - take a read over these tips that we've given to relax you - - it's filled with 99 things you can do to encourage you to relax.

    However, our personality types are usually set from birth and some people are just more naturally anxious and more laid back so it may be worth just learning to embrace that you are more prone to overthink and then this may help you recognise it and sort of name it to tame it.

    When overthinking, ask yourself - Is this worth my worry, does it serve me to worry about it, and will it matter in 5 years/ If the answer to all those questions is no, then it's not worth worrying now.

    Breathing is really important when you feel anxious, especially when you are stuck in negative thought spirals. Just watch your thoughts like passing clouds and remind yourself that thoughts are not facts, and your mind is certainly playing tricks on you.

    I hope some of this helps, let us know how you get on with the relaxation tips.



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