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Addicted to Punching Myself

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    I’m almost 30 years old and I’ve given myself 3 to 5 concussions in July. To the point my balance is off for a day or two and I’m committing from nausea. I gave myself two black eyes, one was so bad, it would scare me whenever I saw my reflection. Now it’s finally starting to heal and be better, I gave myself another on one.

    Im in law school and I’m scared to reach out to a professional about this, because when I apply to take my bar exam, I will need to disclose this.

    I had another episode today. I live alone and since Covid I am starting to become batshit crazy.

    Hey sharklike,

    Thanks for reaching out to us for support. Our support community here at Ditch the Label is primarily a space for 12-25 year olds, so I will email you to signpost you to another organisation that can support you.

    I'm sorry to hear about what you've been gong through, but I'm glad that you're talking about what's going on for you and seeking support. I think that regardless of any future plans, it's important to prioritise your mental health. It would do you the world of good to speak to a professional about why you feel like you have to do this and how you can move forward. This shouldn't impact you applying for the bar exam because this would be mental health discrimination if they were to turn you away for your struggles.

    Have you seen our article about safer alternatives to self-harming? I'm not saying that you are self-harming, but it would be good to explore more safer ways of expressing yourself. Here it is:

    I will send you an email now. Take care,


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