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Realtionship with my relatives

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    I'm from India and I just made the biggest mistake of my life. I messaged my cousin sister a message which I think that I shouldn't ever do. The message was "Can you Kiss me?" and I never expected that she'll tell this to her parents but she did and her parents told my parents from that day I'm very depressed I just keep thinking of this incident. Now my sister also refused to talk to me.
    What should I do? I just wish this phase gets over very soon.
    If acc. to you this is a normal problem then I should tell you that in India its a very big problem. If its possible i need an Indian guy to assist on this please?
    Hello Tanmay,

    I'm Remi and i'm one of the support mentors here at Ditch.

    I think it may not have been a great idea to send this message to your cousin sister, but I also think that you need to forgive yourself, it is not the worst thing in the world at all and i'm sure it will blow over and people will stop talking about it soon. All you can do is apologise and wait for them to forgive you.
    What do you think led to you sending the message in the first place. You're a teenager, teenagers often think about dating and kissing a lot, it's normal and natural and nothing to be ashamed of. But maybe try to get to know the girls first and just chat before asking

    What do you think about that?



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