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Slept with my best friends boyfriend

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    My best friends boyfriend made me think he had feelings for me and made me fall for him. We had sex twice before my friend found out, I had to tell her everything and now she and her boyfriend both hate me. He wanted me to lie about it but I was fed up with lying. I have such low confidence now I have lost them both. I feel like I'll never meet anyone who cares about me. They were my best friends and now I don't have them in my life. She's just given birth and I'll never see her son which breaks me. Please helo!
    Hello JigglyPuffin

    This sounds like a pretty tricky situation. I thin it is commendable that you told the truth, and usually the truth always comes out in the end. It is understandable that she is angry as her trust has been broken, she is also a new mother and so probably just needs to focus her energies into being the best mother she can right now.

    With situations like this I believe that time is the great healer, and that you need to give her time to hurt, heal and move on with her life. I would say to put some time into new friendships or other friendships outside of the two of them. It feels like there is just too much pain and betrayal right now so give everyone time to process and move on.

    We all make mistakes so don't be too hard on yourself.



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