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Hating everything about myself

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    Hi, I'm a high schooler and I'm 14 years old. I really want to like myself, but I find it really hard to look for anything positive about my appearance or personality. I go to therapy every week, but nothing seems to be helping me boost my self-esteem or help me feel less depressed. Any advice?
    Hey there Horses4Life

    It is hard work sometimes searching for self-love and self-acceptance. Try reading this book "You Got This" by Bryony Gordon, I think it could really help and I wish I had read it when I was 14. If you are on social media, curate it to be a happy and inclusive space, don't follow people that live lives that are so unlike yours, follow real people. Write yourself some daily affirmations and out them up on your mirror. Try and find at least one thing a day to like. We know it's not easy and it may take longer than you expect. You are beautiful and worthy of love so start nurturing the longest relationship you will ever have and thats the one with yourself!

    We are here for you, more self-love xxx


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