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Hi I'm Scarlet (Again)

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    This time I am going to start out with positives that others told me

    1. I am great at singing

    2. I am good at writing

    3. I have a cool personality

    As I wrote earlier I have my struggles like feeling suicidal almost two times a week but my parents are there to help me but I feel like I can't talk to them but I can. I also struggle with the urge to self harm but I am finding coping skills like beading.
    Hello Scarlet,

    We're so proud of you for highlighting these qualities that you are good at. It's so great that you have so many talents that you feel confident about. Do you feel you believe them when other people say them to you. Do you play any instruments? What is your favourite song to sing?

    I'm glad that you have a supportive family network and you communicate with your parents about how you feel.

    Beading is a really good alternative to self harm, here are some others we have too - I would also recommend drawing mandalas and mindulness colouring in too.

    I know that our other mentor Monsoon gave you lots of things to read and some alternative ways to comminicate how you were feeling, have you tried any of these yet, no pressure I personally think the stay alive app is awesome, t had a service where you can make a safety plan whenever you feel suicidal -

    What coping mechanisms have you felt work? Remember to always tell someone how you are feeling and if you ever feel unsafe you can present at a hospital or call your local ambulance service.

    We're here for you and glad you are talking to us, that's already a really positive step in the right direction.

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