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    I'm getting hate mail and its so painful to get it every day at school. one of my best friends said he feels bad for me but that makes me feels so weak. these letters call me a slut, whore, and hoe and I'm so done with it at this point they say I'm not worth it and I'm a waste of human being and tell me to kill myself. I have had a problem last year with depression and now it's back and I'm scared of what I will do. these notes make me feel so weak and useless.
    Hello Bri-Cheese

    I'm so sorry that you are receiving hate mail. This is so horrible and I'm not surprised this is making you feel rubbish. I can't say what possesses someone to send this kind of message but it is not your fault, and none of the things that they are saying is true.

    Have you reported them to your school? I know it's hard but the next time you receive one, don't even open it, throw it straight in the bin. I would encourage you to hand the letters you do have to your principal.



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