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Anxiety over past bully

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    So I keep seeing this girl who previously bullied me at school, and every time I see her I get nervous and sick to my stomach. She’s currently my exes girlfriend, and in the past would comment about how I was stupid to think I ever had a chance with my ex and how much of an upgrade she was. She’s not saying anything to me now, but I still occasionally have nightmares about her. I’d really like to be able to move on with my life but I’m not sure how
    Hey there chaigrey

    Welcome to our community,

    Well it's bound to leave a mark the fact that this girl has previously bullied you and is now with your ex. You are only human! I would say block block block him and her and get them both out of your minds for a bit. You shouldn't care about this girls opinion of you, she is not your friend and it does not matter what she thinks. Focus on you and try and distract yourself.

    When you are feeling anxious just breathe into these feelings and remind yourself that it wasn't your fault and what they think about you does not matter.

    We're here for you.



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