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    I found a reason why A, her bf and her friends blocked me.

    She sent this message to my friend about me:

    From A:

    I dont appreciate accusing me of that. I have nothing against gays, straight, trans and so on. Its the fact that she’s asked friends for using their pictures for “personal projects” and making my friends and boyfriend uncomfortable. I’ve been harrassed about this for months by one of her friends and i wish it would stop.

    I just wanted to do some photo editing in photo shop because I got bored. Why does it make them uncomfortable?
    Hey prolific05

    I think this could be because it is their private photos and they don't want them to be shared. Either way, the feeling that they feel is uncomfortable and we gotta respect that even if we can't understand why they may. feel this way, this is how they feel and it's important to listen to that. I think move on, be positive and just learn from it with the next group of people you befriend!

    When you meet your right people you won't make them feel uncomfortable and there will be a mutual understanding there. How could you handle this situation differently in future?

    I hope this helps.



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