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I am so overwhelmed.

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    everything seems to be crumbling around me right now and im not sure how to deal with it. i was recently sexually and mentally used and abused by a long term family friend and am dealing with the PTSD and related trauma as well as dealing with my dad being a massive prick to me and my mum he is emotionally abusive he punches holes in walls damages my stuff and bullies me. for example his sense of humor is odd at the best of times so whenever he tells a joke i dont understand he screams at me and makes me feel like the scum of the earth he also exploits my trust issues to try and make people feel sorry for him. I flinch when people touch me without announcing it first because of events previously mentioned and i dont let anyone apart from my mother get close to me and today he poked me in the face when i was concentrating on a show i was watching and when i flinched and accidentally hit the wall he then berated me and laughed at me when i was in pain and acted like i had mortally wounded him. he seems to have mum wrapped around his little finger too as he constantly fat shames her and verbally abuses her and she just runs back to him every single time. i want to run away and the only thing thats stopping my is the fact that i dont want to leave mum alone with an asshole like him.

    i am so overwhelmed.
    Hi Trinity,

    I'm so sorry to hear about all of this. I cannot imagine how hard this must be for you, but just know that you don't deserve this. You have worth and you deserve to be treated with respect. We care about you here at DTL. I've sent you a private email to support you further with this so we can check you're safe. Could you check you inbox and if you can't find it, your junk folder, please? We wan't to make sure that we help you through this. If you cannot find it, you can get back to us here. Remember, you can call the police at any time if you are in danger.

    Hang in there, Trinity. We hope to hear back from you soon.

    - Monsoon


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