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The boy I’m in love with is dating my best friend.

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    I’ve been in love with this boy (who also happens to be my best friend) for the past couple of years, and now he’s dating My other best friend. I’m very happy for them because I know how much they’ve both been waiting for this and how much they’ve gone through, but still I can’t help but feel my heart literally aching every time they kiss, cuddle or tell me about how much love they have for each other. And, to make things worse, I have no one to talk because I haven’t told anyone as I was so embarrassed (and still am) of them knowing since he’ll never love me back.
    Hey J,

    This is a tough one. I would say don't say anything to them as they are in a new relationship and it may just cause more problems as they are happy. And when you tell your friends you have feelings for them you always risk making the friendship weird.

    Liking someone when you can't have them absolutely sucks, think about how many songs have been written about it? But maybe try and put them out of your mind if possibly and not spend as much time with them as a couple to protect your heart until you feel a bit more over them?



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