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    Ok, I’m new here. Stumbled across this site as I accidentally got drunk and came out to my boyfriend last night. I told him I like girls now our relationship has gone down hill. I’m so confused. I’m an over thinker so every aspect of this situation has been through over 1000 times. I told my mum in a panic and now I feel weird. I have no friends to talk to how do I even go about this mess.
    Cole921 Hey Cole, I know this feels really huge right now so a good way to start is to try and deal with it a bit at a time. Firstly, it's important that you prioritise how you are feeling and what you need so you can move forward. If you feel confident in that you are attracted to girls then this is absolutely nothing to feel shame about, so if for example you feel you are exclusively attracted to females then it would be the right thing to do to have an honest talk with your bf rather than try and be something you are not. If you feel you are still also attracted to guys then again, have an honest chat with your bf as it might be that he's just confused as to how things will change, if at all.
    Did you feel your mum was supportive and accepting when you spoke to her? It would be good idea to have a calm chat with her as she may be confused about what is going on and may not want to pressure you to talk.


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      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)