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I don’t know my sexuality

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    Ever since a year ago I have known I am not straight. The problem I have is that I don’t know what I am, I really need help trying to figure out who i am. all i know is that i have liked both genders. my best friend just came out as bi and i could not be more happy for them, i am really proud of them. it is them saying that which has reminded me about my unsure sexuality. at best i would love some kind of guidance to help figure it out because i feel like i don’t fit in anywhere. ik most of my family would be accepting but i am still terrified, although my dads side of the family who i don’t really talk to most likely won’t be as supportive along with a few family members who are not used to it. i just don’t know who to come out to first and what to come out as.
    im sorry for wasting ur time just i need some guidance
    Hello af. ,

    You would never be wasting our time, we are more than happy to help you throughout this time.
    If you like male and female genders it sounds like you could be bisexual, or pansexual if you were also attracted to non-binary people and trans people. It's okay to be unsure and take your time in figuring it all out. Also please don't worry at all about coming out to family members you don't talk to before you are even set on it yourself.

    I hear that your friend coming out has made you think of your own sexuality, so try and not worry about coming out until you have figured out who you are, they can wait, trust me!

    Have a read over this article, i think it may calm your nerves. Questioning is a part of the process.


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