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Am I BI?

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    Hi guys, I’m 20 years old I’ve always considered myself as straight as I’ve always been with boys before in relationships and sexually. I have had a previous experience of being sexual with a girl and I have constant fantasies about sexual things with girls. I wouldn’t quite consider myself as BI, because I don’t see myself being in a relationship with a girl but I think of sexual things with girls a lot and there are many girls who I have a crush on (celebrities lol) I’m currently in a relationship and only feel it’s fair to tell my boyfriend about this ? I’m really not sure and need some advise as unsure what to do x
    Hey GB2000

    Thanks for coming to us for support - I'm one of the digital support mentors here and I'll be here

    Out of curiosity, can I ask why you feel it's only fair to tell your boyfriend how you feel about girls? There really is no rush, especially if you're feeling unsure about whether you're bisexual or not. This is your thing and you get to call the shots. Just to give you a bit of reassurance, as time goes on, it really does get better and you will figure our your sexuality, but it's a process that you have to be patient with really. I know this can be frustrating for many, but you will fully understand it one day


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      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)