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Coming Out to Homophobic Parents

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    Hi!! Over the past couple of years, I have definitely questioned my sexuality. I always thought I was bi, as I felt the same attraction to boys that I felt to girls. I pushed this attraction deep down though towards girls because my parents are relatively homophobic. They are members of the lds church, which I don't see anything wrong with, but they don't support bisexuals or any lgbtq+ organizations. They have always taught me that being gay is wrong, and that I should like men and not women, but I do anyway. I recently have gotten together with a beautiful girl, and we're dating now, and I want to show her to my parents to meet them, but I feel like if it was a guy they would react differently, but if I brought a girl home I'd get kicked out. I 100 percent know I'm Bisexual now, and want to tell my parents. I feel like I'm hiding who I am from my parents, and I want them to know me fully but I don't know how to tell them or help them understand that I love women and men. Any help or advice on coming out to homophobic parents would be greatly appreciated 😅
    Hey Marian

    Welcome to our online support community. My name is Monsoon and I'm one of the digital support mentors here at Ditch the Label; I'm here to give advice and support to our members. We are here for you and you're not alone

    I'm sorry to hear that your parents are homophobic. I totally get why you are feeling like you're hiding who you are from your parents. With homophobic parents, it may take them a while to come round to the news, but many of them do get there in the end; you just have to be very patient and understanding. We have a couple of support guides here for your situation which you might find helpful:

    Can I just check, do you feel safe and ready to come out? By safe, I mean that there's no chance you will get kicked out or anything. If there is, then it might be good to wait until you can support yourself/live elsewhere. Also, remember, if you're not feeling ready to do it, then there really is no rush. If you would still like support with coming out, then we can help you more - just let us know.

    Speak soon,
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