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Questioning Sexuality

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    I sort of just stumbled across this community and was really intrigued. I’ve been questioning my sexuality for quite a bit now. (I’m a female questioning if I’m bisexual) I’m not really sure what I wanted to chat/ask about I guess I kinda just wanted to talk to someone who has gone through what I am now? I honestly can’t distinguish within myself if I actually wanna date a girl or if I think they are just pretty. I sort of invalidate my thoughts about this because I’ve never crushed on a girl before in person just like celebrities and people over the internet. If anyone has any input on how they were able to get pass the questioning phase I would love to hear it
    Hey Jamie2000

    Welcome to our community. I'm one of the digital support mentors here and it's my job to give advice and support to your members

    Thanks for sharing your story and experiences with us. The thing is, with sexuality, there's no way to kind of speed up the process of realisation. The best thing for it really is time and to just go with the flow. I guess you could explore a little more, maybe? Reading books, watching films, and speaking to girls, perhaps. What do you think?


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